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This blog is reserved for providing lists of experts accreditated to issue Energy Certificate in MS. So, please post links related to this item.
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14 October 2009

List of Danish assessors

The list of Danish EPC assors can be found at: (In Danish only).

The list is organised according to the zip-code (Postnr.) and there are separate lists for single family buildings and for for large buildings, including non-residential buildings.

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8 October 2009

List of UK assessors

The Landmark website provides a search facility for all registered UK domestic energy assessors:

It's not a list, but you can search by Assessor name or location.

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9 September 2009

List of polish experts

The department of Construction market and technique in the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure has a registry of experts entitled to draw up energy performance certificates. The full list is available on the website of the Ministry and can be searched by name and by region.

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9 September 2009

List of French experts

In this link, you will find a list of French accreditated experts  

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