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2 October 2009 | 2 replies | 3393 visits
While inspecting a building to be able to issue an energy performance certificate (EPC) the expert collect much information about the building envelope and the systems. In many cases this information is being stored in a register (central or local). Access to this information could give added value from the certification schemes in terms of knowledge about the building stock and its potential energy savings. Could anybody give references to studies on the use of EPC data for other purposes than certification itself?
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28 April 2010

Central registers

The ownership of the register or database may vary from country to country. In some cases is is central registers, managed and owned by public bodies while in other cases the register is maintained and owned by a private company issuing the EP certificates. In Denmark there is one central register owned and managed by the Danish Energy Authority. In addition to this, some of the companies making Danish EPC software keep a copy of data collected in their tool (only in case of an Internet based tool).

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1 April 2010

Collection of data about the building envelope and systems

Interesting question...

Can you explain better what you mean when you say that the information collected is often stored in a register? Who holds this register: the energy certifier, a regional/national public body, the building's owner in case it is e.g. a real estate company? I assume the situation will vary considerably across the countries... if so, what about in Denmark?

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