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4 June 2012 | 5 replies | 5083 visits
With the national plans for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings (see EPBD Recast article 9, paragraph 1) having to be delivered by September 2012, most Member States are ...
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17 March 2010 | 1 replies | 5165 visits
Wouldn't it be great to have some insight in the different layouts and also in the information contained in the energy performance certificates of the EU Member States? I will start ...
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12 January 2010 | 0 replies | 5267 visits
The IEE ASIEPI project has organised an internet information session on thermal bridges with the following topics: Good practice guidance Promotion of good building ...
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19 November 2009 | 0 replies | 5928 visits
We have added a recent information paper dealing with the "Analysis of Execution Quality related to Thermal Bridges" written by Kirsten Engelund Thomsen and ...
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17 June 2009 | 1 replies | 2370 visits
Within the IEE SAVE project ASIEPI studies on the impact of thermal bridges on the energy performance of buildings have been collected. Most studies dealt with the influence on the heating ...
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