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City of Holíč

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Abstract | Good practice examples: The existing site consists of nine buildings in the City of Holíč.
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The facilities consist of two elementary schools, four kindergartens and three public buildings (a total of 9 buildings) There is a heating regulation system for the buildings. The initial system:

  1. Old and inefficient heat regulation system, high heat loss
  2. Old and inefficient heat distribution system (inside and outside), high heat loss
  3. High heat consumption for heating needs 12 420 GJ/year


  • Reduction of energy consumption (heat) thus reducing heat purchase costs through:
  • Reconstruction of the regulation and heating system
  • Demand side energy efficiency measures (in buildings)

Measures (selection):

  • Complete instalation of heat regulators Siemens with inside temperature control system
  • Instalation of hydraulic adjustment and thermostatic valves (1200 ps – MiniCombi valves)


  • Contract period – 72 months
  • The service consists of the regulation system reconstruction, energy (demand side measures)
  • Guaranteed savings: heat 30% yearly


  • Contract duration: 6 years
  • Total investment costs: 194,5 thous. €
  • Energy savings:
  • Guaranteed: heat ca 3 390 GJ/a
  • Achieved: heat ca 3 621 GJ/a
  • Total cost savings: 76,7 thous. €/a?



Lessons learnt | 1. Combination of measures (works) on heat supply side and energy efficiency measures in the buildings 2. No financial requirements for the client - ESCO overtakes all the responsibility for financing, investment amount and energy savings guarantees, no need for the client to indebt itself
Award labels | none
Case Languages | English
Comment | Siemens - Building Technologies Prepared by Marcel Lauko (Marian Nicz) Energy Centre Bratislava| Bratislava | November 2010


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