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Affordable passive housing units in Brussels

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July 2012
Acronym | Batex
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Two new residential buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region opened their doors on the afternoon of Tuesday, 19 June 2012. The building’s architects and residents also attended this event, co-organised by BUILD UP.

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L'Espoir: 15 Kwh/m²/an

Rue Fin 3-13, BE-1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
14 new sustainable duplexes that low income families acquired at lesser cost.
Gross area: 1,833 m²
Handover: End of 2009
Construction costs VAT / grants excl.: 1,150 €/m² 

Rue de la Brasserie: 14 Kwh/m²/an

Rue de la Brasserie 21-23, BE-1050 Ixelles  ---12 new passive dwellings dedicated to social housing focused on urban integration.

Gross area: 1,306.9 m²

Handover: Early 2010

Construction costs VAT / grants excl.: 1,547 €/m²
Exemplary building grant: 100 €/m²




Rue de la Brasserie
Rue de la Brasserie
Lessons learnt | Under the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012, the Brussels Environment Administration and the interactive BUILD UP web portal of the European Commission joined forces to demonstrate that passive housing construction is affordable, in cooperation with CECODHAS Housing Europe.
Award labels | July
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Case Languages | Dutch , English , French
Comment | The "Brussels Nearly Zero Energy Building Policy, Belgium" won the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2012 in Category Living.


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