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15 June 2010 | Denmark , Germany
Interest in highly efficient buildings has been growing steadily, with there being plans for the introduction of these on a massive scale – plans which are even being put in practice in many ...
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9 September 2009 | Pan European
The EU Intelligent Energy project ASIEPI has published two new information papers on < Software and atlases for evaluating thermal bridges > and < Airtightness requirements for high performance ...
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9 September 2009 | Pan European
This updated ASIEPI brochure lists shortly the results of the project "Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact (ASIEPI)", like information papers, web events, downloadable presentations etc. ...
8 June 2009 | International Organizations
Building airtightness is becoming of increased importance in many European countries. Several countries pay attention to building airtightness in their regulation and sometimes even impose a ...
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14 April 2009
The IEE project ASIEPI (Assessment and Improvement of the EPBD Impact) has produced first project results that are available as information papers, Internet information sessions, presentations on ...
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Dimitrios Kraniotis (Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB))
Gaelle Guyot (CETE de lyon)
27 January 2013
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