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8 June 2010 | Denmark
On you can find information about the latest energy and climate related technologies, projects, solutions, cases and events. You can also read about and contact the Danish companies ...
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11 May 2010 | Denmark
The Vitus Bering Innovation Park is one of the first office complexes in Denmark to be classified as low-energy class 1, which means that its energy efficiency is twice that of the minimum ...
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26 March 2010 | Germany
This article presents a detailed analysis of thermal comfort in six low-energy non-residential buildings in Germany, according to the comfort standard EN15251:2007-08 for the cooling period. ...
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26 March 2010 | Austria
The office building at the Viennese west entry with it's prominent dark Labrador stone facade and the infra stop mirror glass facade has been seat for the central management of the insurance ...
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30 March 2010 | France
This 85 m2 house, built in the sixties, has been renovated and extended up to 135 m2. Renovation includes increased thermal insulation of the facades (oudoor insulation) and of the roof, the ...
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18 November 2009 | Germany
A retirement apartment building built in Stuttgart-Sonnenberg in 1965 is a good example of what can be achieved when a major renovation is combined with an energy efficient retrofit concept ...
12 June 2009 | Norway
The Borgen Community Centre close to Oslo was retrofitted and extended under energy efficient aspects in 2005. The Centre contains public services and private organisations including a secondary ...
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12 June 2009 | Pan European
One of the 8 demonstration buildings out of the EU 6FP ecobuildings project BRITA in PuBs was the renovation of the nursing home Filderhof in Stuttgart, Germany. The aim of all demo projects was ...
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12 June 2009 | Pan European
The BRITA in PuBs project from 2004 to 2008 aimed at rasing awareness on energy conservation and increasing the market penetration of innovative and effective retrofit solutions with moderate ...
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12 June 2009 | Denmark
Description of the renovation and its purpose The building, Proevehallen ("The test hall") was together with the building, Ovnhallen, right next to it, part of an industrial complex - a porcelain ...
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