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29 September 2009 | Portugal
The building incorporates both natural and mechanical ventilation. Basic ventilation is provided by the HVAC system which operates when either heating or cooling is required, or when ...
15 June 2009 | Poland
Project on promotion of energy efficient lighting in public utility buildings.
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10 June 2009 | Pan European
HOPE was a collaborative European project, which aimed to demonstrate that energy efficient buildings can be both healthy and comfortable for their occupants. Buildings (both domestic and ...
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An overview article introduces a topic by telling a story which includes links to BUILD UP items on the topic.
| Spain
We are a physics and engineering team specialized in research of solar technologies. This team has very experienced members in the field of solar energy.
| International Organizations
Within the context of the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are more than 40 R&D programmes constituting its Multilateral Technology Initiatives. These include eight major programmes ...
| Austria , Croatia , Ireland , Norway , Romania , Spain , United Kingdom
Sustainco aims to build capacity within the partner countries in order to work towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) to support the European vision for the energy performance of new buildings.
Energy efficiency has become a relevant topic as regards the preservation & development of historic buildings and town centres. This community wants to make the diverse effects ...
| Pan European
Lifts & escalators, are essential for vertical and horizontal access in public & residential buildings. Their energy efficiency can be greatly improved. We promote developments and links with the ...
| Pan European
The joint community of the two EU projects 'School of the Future' and 'VERYSchool' presents new research results and shining examples of how to reach the future high performance building level for ...
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