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Bristol Green Doors

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Akronym | Bristol Green Doors
Posting Date | 5 April 2012
Land | United Kingdom
Geographic Coverage | National
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Department of Energy and Climate Change
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Beschreibung der Finanzierung | Department of Energy and Climate Change's Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF)
Kurzzusammenfassung | In the lead up to the Green Deal, Bristol Green Doors is encouraging private owners to cooperate in improving the energy efficiency of their homes, through a solid wall insulation project with funding from DECC's Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF). Bristol Green Doors promotes energy efficiency measures and micro-renewables in homes through eco open homes events and other forms of outreach. 34% of homes in Bristol are solid walled terraced houses, the vast majority of which are considered had to treat. The installation should save in the region of 10 tonnes CO2 directly from the houses involved in the project. The occupants of the terrace will benefit from warmer, more comfortable homes, which are expected to be cheaper to run. Energy use and temperature is being monitored to measure the effectiveness of the insulation on these properties.
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Bristol Green Doors at a glance

  • The project is a real life installation of solid wall insulation which will be covered under the Green Deal and ECO part of the Green Deal
  • The project aims to test the viability of purchasing this type of energy efficiency measure through the Green Deal or with the ECO
  • The individuals involved are working as a group within their community to improve the energy efficiency of their homes,
  • Bristol Green Doors organises open home events to showcase energy efficiency measures to the public, letting them know what can be done to improve the energy efficiency of their home, make it warmer and save money.
  • Bristol Green Doors is trying to help generate a market for energy efficiency measures and green technologies, and by extension help the generation or retention of jobs in the sector.
Lessons Learnt | "I was really impressed to see this pilot project being done on a Bristol terrace. External wall insulation could improve the comfort and energy efficiency of many of our older homes. This project examines the real world benefits for the individuals living in the homes, but it is also crucially being used to show other people what can be done.” (Stephen Williams, MP for Bristol West)
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