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Energy efficiency toolbox for buildings is ready to use and available   EFFECT4buildings project has published a toolbox with financial tools and instruments for energy efficiency in buildings. The toolbox with different supportive tools is available to all building managers to help produce desired energy efficiency long term goals.  
Post date: 13 Jan 2021
Type: News

A King’s College London research study seeks to determine whether and how real estate companies are complying with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the role of the real estate sector in achieving the European Union’s climate impact portfolio, and the environmental outputs for European buildings complying with the EPBD.  
Post date: 12 Jan 2021
Type: News

Reaching energy and climate goals requires involving building users, to let them understand what energy savings can be achieved thanks to changes in their behavior.   Green lease contracts (GLCs) offer a model providing a structural platform for cooperation between building owners and tenants.  
Post date: 21 Dez 2020
Type: Tool

As part of the BIMzeED project, a number of training modules on the topics of BIM and NZEB have been developed and are available to use for FREE.   These online modules will be of interest to people in Higher or Vocational Education, or private trainers. By becoming a trainer on the BIMzeED course, you will gain access to a wealth of information that you can use in your own professional capacity as a training provider.  
Post date: 8 Dez 2020
Type: News

Europe needs to reach a minimum 3% annual deep renovation rate to achieve a strengthened GHG reduction target and a boost for renewable heating and cooling.  
Post date: 3 Dez 2020
Type: News

To achieve its 2050 climate neutrality objective, the European Union must accelerate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction in this decade. The building sector can be a central pillar of this effort and can make a significant contribution to a strengthened 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target.   Increasing actions and investment to accelerate building renovations will also lead to sustaining a green economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and improving living conditions for Europeans.
Post date: 3 Dez 2020
Type: Publication

The H2020 project 4RinEU, coordinated by Eurac Research, aims to define technologies, methodologies and business models to increase the uptake of deep renovation in the European building stock.  
Post date: 19 Nov 2020
Type: Fall

The QualDeEPC project aims to improve the practical implementation of the assessment, issuance, design, and use of Energy Performance Certification's as well as their renovation recommendations, in Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and beyond.  
Post date: 17 Nov 2020
Type: Publication

Join the webinar: "Introducing
Post date: 13 Nov 2020
Type: Ereignis

Interested participants in the REHVA COVID-19 COURSE, can now enroll and learn how to resume activities, safely operate buildings and specifically use densely occupied indoor spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Post date: 30 Okt 2020
Type: News