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Web suite of building energy simulators that model energy, comfort, and daylighting performance, and give estimates of the long-term cost of utilities. The simulations restrict flexibility in order to offer users greater ease-of-use and speed. The tool can be quickly mastered by non-technical designers, and runs fast enough to allow them the scope to experiment with many different versions of a design during a single sitting.
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YIT Office Building is a typical modern five-storey office building and was completed in October 2005. The ground floor (900 m²) serves as a workshop and storage facility and the remaining four floors (6 000 m²) have both open-plan and cellular office spaces. There is a large glass roofed atrium in the centre of the building extending  from the first floor to the roof. In the lower part of
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It is the first commercially available system powerful enough to automate any organization's energy benchmarking needs. Software can put your organization on the fast track for bulk benchmarking of your customers in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. It helps in accomplishing ESP’s goal to provide benchmarking of energy data on a bigger scale. It helps organizations create processes for automatic authentication of customers using custom id values.
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Climate protection needs to promote development that is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Indicators of sustainable well-being should be elaborated to complement gross domestic product data.
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Key points concerning the design
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