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After status quo analysis, the study recommends for categorization and subcategorization of buildings, a building stock inventory based on Annex I of the EPBD and EUROSTAT. Consequently, the study recommends ten categories for residential (3) and non-residential (7) buildings. Two phase approach has been recommended for the development of reference buildings.
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The tools on the Passive-On CD developed within the context of the Passive-On project can now be downloaded from the Passive-On web site here.The Passive-On CD contains five products of the EIE Passive-On project:1.The Passivhaus Standard in European Warm Climates – Design Guidelines for comfortable low energy homes. Guidance for building homes conforming to the Passivhaus standard for architects and engineers;
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If this is the case, the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards are made for you. Launched by the European Commission in 2005, they provide an invaluable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding and innovative projects in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.As a stakeholder directly involved in the buildings sector, we invite you to participate in the “LIVING” category which gathers projects that aim to make buildings more energy-efficient or that incorporate the on-site generation of renewable energy.
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The report is produced under the EC-financed project “Support to EC and IFI Coordination in the Western Balkans and Turkey”. 
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