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The cogeneration sector is committed to the creation of a resilient, decentralised and carbon neutral European energy system by 2050 with cogeneration as its backbone, empowering European citizens and industry to generate their own efficient, reliable and affordable clean heat and power locally.   Check the video to understand more.
Post date: 15 Jul 2019
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Providing national policy-makers with a practical tool to realise their country’s identified cogeneration potential is the central aim of a new European project launched on 1st July 2012. Over the next 30 months the CODE2 project will develop 27 National Cogeneration Roadmaps that will help to further improve the policy framework, market conditions and awareness around cogeneration in each EU Member State.
Post date: 14 Mar 2013
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Micro-CHP provides the following key benefits: Carbon emissions are reduced by generating electricity at the point of use – avoiding the system losses associated with central power production and through maximising the fuel use efficiency. Economic savings are generated for the user, by reducing imported electricity costs and through revenues from selling surplus electricity back to the grid. Security of supply is greatly enhanced by reducing reliance on centralised power production.
Post date: 24 Aug 2011
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Europe’s energy infrastructure is facing important challenges.  As outlined in the recent Commission Communication on Energy Infrastructure priorities, ‘the risk and cost of disruptions and wastage will become much higher unless the EU invests, as a matter of urgency, in smart, effective and competitive energy networks and exploits its potential for energy efficiency improvements’.  It is commonly agreed that Europe needs to embark on a transition ‘toward a more decentralised power system relying to a larger extent on small-scale (sometimes intermittent) generation from renewable...
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Post date: 8 Jan 2010
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