Filippos Anagnostopoulos

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This document presents the final report for the study for a comprehensive assessment of the macro-level and sectoral impacts of energy efficiency policies. The report is a first attempt to apply this framework to make a comprehensive quantitative assessment of such multiple benefits and their trade-offs. It shows that enhanced energy efficiency in Europe beyond a 27% target for 2030 could led to substantial social, economic and environmental effects.  
Post date: 20 Jul 2017
Type: Publication

This paper summarises recent developments and presents the possibility of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) becoming information tools to support building owners, policy-makers and the finance and business sectors in upscaling energy efficiency renovations.
Post date: 17 Jun 2015
Type: Publication

This report by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) explores the national approaches to buildings efficiency certification (EPC). Providing a comprehensive overview of EPC schemes and databases for residential and non-residential buildings across Europe, it identifies good practices to make EPC data reliable and accessible. 
Post date: 15 Jun 2015
Type: Publication

BPIE just launched a report on Energy Performance Certificates. This report explores the national approaches to buildings efficiency certification and finds that Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) could be among the most important drivers of energy performance of the European building stock. However, most Member States are struggling with public acceptance and market-uptake.
Post date: 30 Oct 2014
Type: News