Fiona Dunlevy

Retrofitting public buildings is crucial to meeting Europe’s energy efficiency goals. But can new knowledge in retrofitting be replicated across the EU   The move to energy efficient buildings is on. Two European directives are gently nudging things along, by requiring that 3% of public buildings be renovated every year and that public buildings be almost energy zero by 2018.
Post date: 12 Sep 2016
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Good news for those planning to build a new home: novel insulation materials based on plant waste, such as straw, clay and grass could offer 20% better insulation than traditional materials.   Other relevant factors, such as reducing the energy and CO2 emissions needed to create and transport traditional construction materials, could contribute to the reduction in total ‘embodied energy’ across the whole lifecycle of a building, as much as up to 50%.  
Post date: 18 May 2015
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A showcase project to reduce an old school building's energy consumption is a goldmine of teaching opportunities for engineering students 
Post date: 20 May 2014
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