Energy strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 2020

The Energy strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 2020 was promulgated in SG. 43 of 7 June 2011. The Strategy requires improving the energy performance of existing buildings and the introduction of more stringent energy standards for new buildings. It envisages the accelerated introduction of requirements for near zero energy consumption for buildings in the public sector. It also envisages State and municipality support to private initiatives in the process of enhancing energy independence to public and residential buildings.

Energy Efficiency Act of the Republic of Bulgaria

The Energy Efficiency Act of the Republic of Bulgaria was promulgated in SG No. 24/12.03.2013, and came into force on 12 March 2013.


The new Energy Efficiency Act introduces the recast EPBD (Directive 2010/31/EC).


It introduces obligations to owners of public service buildings with a built-up area of over 500 m2 which they must implement by March 2013. The same requirements have to be applied to all public service buildings with a built-up area of over 250 m2 by 9 July 2015.


Ordinance № RD-16-1594, 13 November 2013, of the Republic of Bulgaria for "energy efficiency audits, certification and assessment of energy savings in buildings"

The Ordinance establishes special regulations and procedures for the Energy Performance (EP) of buildings and in specific for:

  • the scope, stages and activities of the energy audit;
  • the content of the energy performance certificate;
  • the categories of certification.


This Ordinance replaced Ordinance № RD-16-1057 of 10 December 2009 on the terms and procedure for conducting energy efficiency audits and certification of buildings, the EP certifications, and the categories of certification.

35th AIVC conference: 'Ventilation and airtightness in transforming the building stock to high performance' Poland: 24-25 September 2014

The 35th AIVC conference : 'Ventilation and airtightness in transforming the building stock to high performance' will be held in Poznan, Poland together with the 4th TightVent and the 2nd venticool conferences in September 24-25, 2014.



Building Airtightness Testing Webinar: UK, Denmark and Belgium

Airtightness testing: status and trends in competent tester schemes in the UK, Denmark and Belgium

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of airtightness tests performed in Europe either for specific high performance buildings programmes or for a wide range of buildings in regulatory contexts. This has led to the development of competent tester schemes to contain potential legal and competition issues.