37th AIVC - 18th ASHRAE - IAQ 2016 joint Conference: “Defining Indoor Air Quality: Policy, Standards and Best Practices”. Call for abstracts extended DECEMBER 14, 2015 The call for papers for the 37th AIVC - 18th ASHRAE - IAQ 2016 joint conference has been extended: The new deadline for abstract submissions is 14 December, 2015.The papers should focus on the following themes and topics among others:
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Call for Papers for the 37th AIVC - 18th ASHRAE - IAQ 2016 joint conference extended: The new deadline for abstract submissions is 30 November, 2015. The papers should focus on the following themes and topics among others: 
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This guide outlines key construction details when building a new home (commonly identified as requiring further guidance during multiple site inspections) as well as good practice for delivering them. Overall, the book aims to improve the quality of new homes built, focusing on comfort levels and energy bills and assists builders improve site processes to deliver better performing homes and reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth, excessive heat loss and failure to meet building regulations. 
Post date: 6 Oct 2015
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Call for Papers for the 37th AIVC - 18th ASHRAE - IAQ 2016 joint conference: The deadline for abstract submissions is 2 November, 2015. The papers should focus on the following themes and topics among others: 
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This Newsletter released by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Natural Ventilation Group Management Committee, aims to inform members and potential members of the work being undertaken by the Group to benefit the discipline of natural ventilation within CIBSE. Contents include: 
Post date: 17 Sep 2015
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This guide, released by the  Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), provides information on how to design and build buildings to achieve their airtightness targets. It is intended for architects, building service designers, energy assessors, builders, services installers, fire sealers, airtightness testers, building control officers, building owners and building occupiers.The document is available to download at:
Post date: 10 Sep 2015
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Within the framework of the BUILT2SPEC project, a new airtightness device suitable for construction sites, is being developed for integration with the Built2Spec Self-Inspection Platform. The output will be available directly on the device itself and exportable to a smart phone app developed for this project. The device operates based on a novel low pressure air pulse airtightness technique by the University of Nottingham which allows testing of occupied buildings with no disruption.
Post date: 1 Sep 2015
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Built2Spec (Built to specifications) is an EU-funded project carried out by 20 European partners. The project aims to revolutionise construction practices by introducing a new set of breakthrough technological advances for self-inspection and quality assurance to the construction site that will be put into the hands of construction professionals to help meeting EU energy efficiency targets, new build standards and related policy goals.
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 The renovation of the University Research Centre at the Technical University of Sofia was performed with the objective of improving the university infrastructure and the building energy performance by no less than 45% when compared to the current norms. Project summary
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