Building Airtightness Testing Webinar: Germany, the Czech Republic and France

Airtightness testing: status and trends in competent tester schemes in Germany, the Czech Republic and France

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of airtightness tests performed in Europe either for specific high performance buildings programmes or for a wide range of buildings in regulatory contexts. This has led to the development of competent tester schemes to contain potential legal and competition issues.

BUILD UP Web Seminar video recordings | Building and ductwork airtightness: Legislative drivers, new concerns and new approaches

The implementation of the EPBD recast puts increasing pressure on the market to achieve better building and ductwork airtightness: for most European climates and countries, good airtightness levels are necessary to achieve nearly zero-energy buildings.
You will learn about legislative drivers that have brought to light new concerns and stimulated new initiatives. We will discuss recent trends in European regulations as well as field studies supporting the development of competent testing schemes. 

Energy efficiency policies and measures in Bulgaria / ODYSSEE-MURE 2010

ODYSSEE MURE is a project coordinated by ADEME and supported under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Commission. This project gathers representatives such as energy Agencies from the 27 EU Member States plus Norway and Croatia and it aims at monitoring energy efficiency trends and policy measures in Europe.

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