A review of international literature related to ductwork for ventilation systems

Air transport through ductwork
Ventilation principles
Thermal forces and wind forces
Ducts and ductwork components
Duct form
System lay out and Sizing methods
Duct insulation
Fire safety
Air filters
Duct hygiene and cleaning
Duct tightness
Duct construction materials
Hangers and supports
Fundamentals of duct flow aerodynamics
Flow rate balancing and control

Improving ductwork - A time for tighter air distribution systems

A large number of modern European buildings are equipped with ducted air distribution systems. Because they represent a key parameter for achieving a good indoor climate, increased attention has been given to their performance during the past fifty years. One aspect that is particularly developed in this handbook concerns the airtightness of the ductwork, which has been identified as a major source of inadequate functioning and energy wastage of HVAC systems.