boiler replacement

Schloss Retzhof

Schloss Retzhof is a hotel and conference center which had three different construction periods (16th c.,1960, 2009). The three buildings were supplied by a heating network; with a total heating area 4.000 m2.

The initial situation: inefficient natural gas boiler, high energy cost. No insulation of building envelope (protection of historic monument). Energy consumption ratio ~ 185 kWh/m2/year. Demolition of boiler house to make room for new guest house.

Goals of building owner:

COGEN Europe Policy Paper - Empowering Citizens

Micro-CHP provides the following key benefits:

  • Carbon emissions are reduced by generating electricity at the point of use – avoiding the system losses associated with central power production and through maximising the fuel use efficiency.
  • Economic savings are generated for the user, by reducing imported electricity costs and through revenues from selling surplus electricity back to the grid.
  • Security of supply is greatly enhanced by reducing reliance on centralised power production.