Heating and Cooling Know-How Transfer to South-East Europе

District heating and cooling will drive the sustainable development of cities

Responding to the current climate and economic challenges, the Bulgarian capital Sofia will once again host the annual Exhibition and Forum for South-East Europe which will be held from 5th to 7th  March 2014. The event includes the following initiatives: ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables’, ‘Smart Cities’ (intelligent buildings, energy storage, mobility & ICT) and ‘Save the Planet’ (waste management & recycling).  

Germany: Heidelberg to build zero-emissions district

Promotional funds will be available for the construction of passive houses. To this end, it is hoped Bahnstadt will become the largest passive housing area in the world. The plans for Bahnstadt also include rainwater management systems, nature protection and a good public transport infrastructure, as well as a thorough electricity-saving concept. Bahnstadt will be a residential area, as well as a base for business and research.