A large number of modern European buildings are equipped with ducted air distribution systems. Because they represent a key parameter for achieving a good indoor climate, increased attention has been given to their performance during the past fifty years. One aspect that is particularly developed in this handbook concerns the airtightness of the ductwork, which has been identified as a major source of inadequate functioning and energy wastage of HVAC systems.
Post date: 13 Apr 2010
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The SAVE-DUCT project has shown that there are large discrepancies between countries on this subject (the project report is available through AIVC at www.aivc.org). Analyses performed on measurements results have shown that Belgian and French ductwork systems were typically 3 times leakier than Class A whereas Swedish systems commonly complied with Class B (i.e., 3 times tighter than Class A).
Post date: 12 Dec 2008
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