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Buildings are more than just stand-alone units using energy from the grid. They are becoming micro energy hubs consuming, producing, storing and supplying energy more flexible than before.
Post date: 24 May 2016
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The Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) demonstration project, led by the Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and many industry partners, is one of the world’s first 3D printed houses. It is an entire integrated system that shares energy; it is a house, a vehicle, solar panels, energy storage and intelligent controls.   Components of the building and vehicle were 3D printed using the laboratory’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing Machine (BAAM) - one of the world’s largest and most productive 3D printers today.  
Post date: 4 Mar 2016
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Post date: 15 Jun 2015
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A new report released on 9 June 2015 by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on the side lines of IRENA’s 9th Council meeting prioritizes 14 action items across five priority areas where governments and industry can work together to facilitate the development of policies on energy storage.
Post date: 15 Jun 2015
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A recent announcement from Nissan on its electric LEAF car and e-NV200 van includes reference to its Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, realised in Europe in partnership with Endesa.
Post date: 31 May 2015
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9th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2015) Messe Düsseldorf, March 9-11, 2015 Call for Abstracts IRES 2015 - Summary of important datesSeptember 1, 2014 – Deadline for submission of abstractsOctober 30, 2014 – End of cursory review (abstracts)February 1, 2015 – Deadline for submission of fullpapers 
Post date: 25 Aug 2014
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For energy policy makers, business leaders, technology experts and academics, the International energy Agency's Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 (ETP 2014) is a must-have to be able to make informed decisions about future energy technology strategies. This publication - which will now appear annually and focus on specific themes - presents new scenarios, critically dissects technical innovations and looks at which mix of technologies may help policy makers achieve their low-carbon goals.
Post date: 5 Feb 2014
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