energy surplus building

Minergie-A standard

  • The maximum characteristic energy value for heating is 0 kWh/m²a.
  • Other requirements are similar to those of the Minergie and the Minergie-P standard.
  • For household and lighting equipment best performers have to be used.
  • There is also a requirement concerning embodied energy.
  • No maximum costs

BMVBS Brochure "Strategies for Efficiency Houses Plus" (Wege zum Effizienzhaus Plus)

Based on intensive reseach and development efforts of the building and building service system industry it has been possible, since a few years back, to create energy concepts for new buildings that no longer use fossil fuels but instead to generate excess energy and feed it into the electricity grid. The balance between used and generated energy is made in an annual way. The efficiency house plus allows innovative partners from the building industry to transfer their pioneering spirit into the building practice and thus show their market leadership.

Platform Efficiency House Plus is online

The energy concepts, the installed technologies and monthly monitoring data of currently 7 different energy surplus houses are presented by the accompanying research team of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics on the new internet pages of the BMVBS platform Efficiency House Plus

Further information (in German) is available at