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Post date: 18 Oct 2018
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13 November 2018: save the date and register for free to the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference.   Edition 2018 of the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference is dealing with the key technology and policy trends fuelled by the amended EPBD, with a special focus on the role played by buildings digitization.  
Post date: 27 Jul 2018
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  Learnings for the development of the Smartness Indicator from an Austrian research and demonstration project     by Susanne Geissler (SERA energy & resources, Vienna)     This Overview Article presents selected findings of the recently completed project SCDA – Smart City Demo Aspern with importance for the ongoing development of the Smartness Indicator.     The Smartness Indicator - Status Quo  
Post date: 22 Nov 2017
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The ongoing revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) creates opportunities to strengthen the housing sector‘s contribution to combatting climate change. This does not only mean further requirements for the building envelope – supplying buildings with renewable energy is also an important element.
Post date: 29 Sep 2017
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BPIE looks into how the individual Building Renovation Passport (BRP) can drive deep renovation across Europe.   
Post date: 19 Sep 2017
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Achieving a decarbonised building stock by 2050 will require renovation at a faster pace and considerable investment, estimated at around €60-100 billion annually up to 2020, and more thereafter. Public funding alone cannot meet this requirement, therefore it needs to be used in a way that maximises private investment. In this new policy factsheet, BPIE illustrates examples of financing schemes that debunk the myth that attracting private investment in building renovation is difficult. Public funding can play a key role in leveraging private investment.
Post date: 6 Sep 2017
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Punktem wyjścia do ich zorganizowania były wnioski z marcowego spotkania (pt. Czy pakiet KE ‘Czysta energia dla wszystkich Europejczyków’ pomoże w walce ze smogiem w Polsce?). Jego uczestnicy zauważyli, że skutecznie działający system świadectw może być narzędziem służącym poprawie efektywności energetycznej budynków. Kontynuując tą myśl chcielibyśmy w gronie ekspertów poddać ewaluacji funkcjonujące w Polsce rozwiązania i zastanowić się nad ich przyszłością.
Post date: 21 Aug 2017
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