2017 Green Building Expo

Green Building Expo, Canada's premier virtual trade show for green building, will be realised on 11-12 April 2017. This virtual event is an affordable way for businesses to connect with potential clients and customers all across Canada – and beyond. The virtual show intends to celebrate Canada’s greenest and most successful building projects; each exhibit will showcase sustainable construction solutions to a target audience in a timely and cost-efficient manner.



The GREEN BUILDING EXPO is an international exhibition and conference on sustainable buildings. The event's third edition will take place on 2-4 November 2016 at the BELEXPOCENTAR HALL, in Belgrade, Serbia.


The 2016 edition of the event intents to move the spotlight not only to the regional market, but also to a part of Europe that due to international activities and investments in the field of sustainable building, is interested in all innovative trends and sustainability and energy efficiency technologies applicable to buildings.


Heating and Cooling Know-How Transfer to South-East Europе

District heating and cooling will drive the sustainable development of cities

Responding to the current climate and economic challenges, the Bulgarian capital Sofia will once again host the annual Exhibition and Forum for South-East Europe which will be held from 5th to 7th  March 2014. The event includes the following initiatives: ‘Energy Efficiency & Renewables’, ‘Smart Cities’ (intelligent buildings, energy storage, mobility & ICT) and ‘Save the Planet’ (waste management & recycling).