green sustainable building

Intelligent Buildings International

Intelligent Buildings International examines developments in the design, construction and operating processes for intelligent buildings, and explores the wider context, including practical solutions which take into account sociological and economic considerations. Lessons from nature and vernacular architecture also feature in the journal.

The principal areas covered include:
•understanding how the built environment affects people’s well-being
•sustainable design and management
•automation and innovative systems
•approaches to design.

Towards a common language for sustainable construction

How can intelligent energy be implemented in cities if we do not speak the same language? ACE and ECP have worked together on a freely available web-based tool, the aim of which is to bring to an end the confusion that reigns when authorities, policy-makers, consumers, planners and the construction industry as a whole are talking about sustainable construction. This tool will also contribute towards facilitating knowledge transfer, and thus to the achievement of intelligent energy in cities.