heat gains

Next Steps in Defining Overheating- Discussion paper

This discussion paper suggests a framework for defining and assessing overheating risk in UK’s new homes. More specifically, the document draws on the evidence- based and expert views and advice of housebuilders, housing associations, local authorities, professional bodies, manufacturers, technical experts, academics and policy advisers to make preliminary recommendations relating to:


  • defining “overheating” in new dwellings being constructed; and
  • assessing the potential for those buildings overheating in the future.


Cold Room Calc

The output is a table of heat gains into cold room from separate sources, their ratios and also the total heat gain, as well as a table of heat loads grouped by source categories and their total including safety factor. The program allows to enter information about the customer and the project, as well as to get on paper or in electronic form a printout with the calculation results. There is a comprehensive context-sensitive help file.