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La rénovation énergétique des bâtiments d'enseignement. Performance et potentiel des systèmes à eau chaude - Energy renovation of educational buildings in France. Performance and potential of hot water heating systems.

The French association Energies et Avenir performed a study to identify what are the most efficient and profitable energy renovation works in French educational buildings. Educational buildings in France, represent nearly 20% of the tertiary building stock, for a floor area of about 180 million square meters. Simulations show that renovating of the heating and cooling system is the first most efficient way to save energy; this translates to a reduction in the energy consumption of 20 to 60%.


New smart energy districts and social acceptance: a lesson from Spain

Torrelago, one of the largest residential districts in Europe, is experiencing a green revolution which is expected to be a model in Europe. This district is located in the Spanish city Laguna de Duero (near Valladolid) and has more than 4,000 residents living in the 31 blocks of flats. 
It is one of three locations that has been chosen by the European project CITyFIED, to redesign the envelope of the existing buildings.

Gutachten zur Umsetzung von Artikel 14 der Richtlinie über die Gesamtenergieeffizienz von Gebäuden

Article 14 of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (2010/31/EU) requires a regular inspection of heating systems with a boiler of more than 20 kW. As an alternative, Member States may opt for measures that ensure the provision of advice to users concerning the replacement of boilers, other modifications to the heating system and alternative solutions to assess the efficiency and appropriate size of the boiler, provided that these alternative measures have an impact equivalent to regular inspection.

Thermal and environmental performance of a residential building: a Portuguese case study

This paper presents the results of the thermal and environmental performance of a new residential building, as a function of the heating system used, designed to Viseu, a moderate climate zone in Portugal. A case study has been conducted on a conventional residential building, modeled according to Portuguese Thermal Building Regulation (that is complying with EN ISO 13790 and EN 15603) and Life Cycle Assessment methodologies. Two scenarios were studied: the scenario ´VIS-HP´ where a heat pump is used as the heating system and the scenario ´VIS-WH´ using a wood heater as the heating system.

Punkte-Bewertung Heizungs-Check

This leaflet from the German association VdZ (Forum for Energy Efficiency in Building Equipment) aims to explain to consumers how a periodical check and inspection of the heating system can help to keep a high energy efficiency and a reasonable energy bill. The 10 points of the heating system that have to be looked at are shown in photos of the document. They have to be checked by visual inspection or measurements.

A check-list is provided (Punkte-Bewertung Heizungs-Check) with an evaluation based on a scale of points, which allows for assessment of the heating system efficiency.

Energy systems: geothermal heating system with heat pump and radiant floor

Video about techniques and materials for the installation of a geothermal heating system with heat pump and radiant floor and related benefits for low energy retrofitting interventions and improvement of the energy performance of existing buildings.

The video has been used during the vocational training courses for Construction Professionals, Electrical Installers and Thermo-Hydraulic Installers overseen by the REE_TROFIT project.