low carbon economy

European Commission's proposal on the revision of EU emissions trading system (EU ETS)

On July 15, the European Commission presented a legislative proposal on the revision of the EU emissions trading system in line with the 2030 climate and energy policy framework and the EU’s Energy Union Strategy. A milestone of the framework is the binding target for greenhouse gas emissions reductions by at least 40% below the 1990 level by 2030 at EU level.

European Commission sets out path to sustainability

The ‘roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe’ identifies the sectors – particularly food, housing and transport – that consume most resources and outlines how the region can grow while using fewer resources. The report looks at key natural resources like raw materials, metals, energy, biodiversity and water, which have been used to fuel economic growth as if they were inexhaustible.

To read the report, please go to the relevant BUILD UP publication here.

Low-carbon economy ‘key priority’ for Scottish Government

Unveiling the region’s blueprint for the economy, Swinney said that the SNP Government wants to build on Scotland’s ‘competitive advantage’ in renewable energy to secure investment and create jobs.
The Scottish Government plans to create a £70 million National Renewables Infrastructure Fund to upgrade the region’s existing renewable energy infrastructure to attract new investment in offshore renewables, which could ultimately create around 130,000 jobs.