Nearly-zero energy buildings

Progress Report: Fair Energy Transition towards nearly-Zero Energy Buildings

These providers have a key role to play in ensuring the actual delivery of these requirements, not only in terms of their new construction, but also in the retrofitting of their existing stock to reduce its carbon emissions. Seventy percent of the dwelling stock in 2050 is already built, and much of it is highly wasteful of energy.

Renewable energy based energetic systems integration for buildings

Interested in knowing the results of a supply side management simulation made to a non-residential building (a home for the elderly)?

The work consisted in the use of dynamic simulation information of a projected non-residential building (a home for the elderly), in the dimensioning of the RES based integrated solution to provide thermal energy (DHW, ambient heating and ambient cooling).

Without DSM measures CO2 emissions dropped 50 %. However, economical viability was hardly achieved in this subsidized-free project.