Overheating In Homes – The Big Picture

This report, released by the Zero Carbon Hub, presents the ‘big picture’ on overheating, with a particular focus on reflecting the housing sector’s concerns and level of preparedness to tackle overheating. In particular, the report aims to provide answers to the following questions:


  • Why does overheating happen?
  • How can the construction and energy efficiency sector prevent the issue from getting worse?
  • What can local and national governments do to support the housing sector and why does it matter?


Adaptive Thermal Comfort: Foundations and Analysis

This book covers all aspects of Adaptive Thermal Comfort; it is the second part of a three volume set.


The first part of the current volume discusses the development of the adaptive approach to thermal comfort since the 1960s. It presents recent work in the field and suggests ways to develop and model it. The second part deals with the practical and theoretical problems encountered in field studies and their statistical analysis, while providing guidance to overcome these problems and draw valid conclusions.


Contents include:


Experts warn on climate change catastrophic risk to human health

A newly released report commissioned and published by the Lancet medical journal on Tuesday June 23 2015 warns on the climate change potentially catastrophic risk to human health . The report: "Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health" was compiled by a group of experts including European and Chinese climate scientists and geographers, social, environmental and energy scientists, biodiversity experts and health professionals.


EBC News, November 2014, Issue 60

The Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) newsletter carries regular reports of energy policy development and research activities taking place in various countries. It contains updates on ongoing and planned research projects, features new publications and website information, as well as topical articles of a general nature. It is intended for those active in fields relating to operational energy saving for buildings and communities.


The EBC news Issue 60, November 2014 contains the following articles: