solar air conditioning

Solar Cooling Handbook – A Guide to Solar Assisted Cooling and Dehumidification Processes (3rd, completely revised edtion)

The main focus is on technologies and equipment which are commercially available today or which are undergoing pilot tests. The key components covered are thermally driven cooling systems and solar collectors, as the major heat source to drive the cooling system. The handbook also puts a major focus on the entire systems including all auxiliary components and experiences derived from real life installations.


Typical questions, which the book intends to answer, are:

Renewable energy based energetic systems integration for buildings

Interested in knowing the results of a supply side management simulation made to a non-residential building (a home for the elderly)?

The work consisted in the use of dynamic simulation information of a projected non-residential building (a home for the elderly), in the dimensioning of the RES based integrated solution to provide thermal energy (DHW, ambient heating and ambient cooling).

Without DSM measures CO2 emissions dropped 50 %. However, economical viability was hardly achieved in this subsidized-free project.

Solar Air Conditioning - Open & Close Cycles Systems

Solar Air-Conditioning

General description of the technology:

The use of solar heat for heating and cooling applications offers a wide field of possibilities. The supply of solar radiation all over the year with the peak in the summertime forces to extend the existing installations for heating support in the heating season with separate installations for cooling purposes.