Swiss window industry introduces voluntary energy labelling for windows

In January 1 2015 the voluntary Swiss window energy labelling, Energieettikette für Fenster, was introduced. It has been launched with the support of the Swiss Professional Association for Windows and Facades (Schweizerischen Fachverband Fenster- und Fassadenbranche-FFF) and the Swiss Centre of Windows and Facades (Schweizerischen Zentrale Fenster und Fassaden-SZFF).


Unique archive of UK construction now online

The first tranche of publications in the archive includes nearly a thousand documents comprising:
  • Current Papers - 720 research project summaries published from 1968-1983
  • Digests - 130 reviews of then current building technologies published from 1948-1966
  • Overseas Building Notes - 125 guidance notes on low-technology building methods suited to conditions in many developing countries, published from 1961-1994.
A further set of more than a thousand documents, including detailed research reports, will be added to the site over the next six months.