Building operation, monitoring, energy management

EU ENERGY IN FIGURES 2015 Statistical Pocketbook

The energy sector is one of the pillars of growth, competitiveness and development for modern economies. To keep up with the ongoing transformation of the energy sector in Europe, we need data that is accurate and up-to-date.

This publication provides an overview of the most relevant annual energy-related statistics for the European Union as a whole and for each of its Member States.

From Databases to Retrofit Action: How European Countries are using Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Database Systems

Report on existing monitoring initiatives and database systems


This report is a deliverable of the Request2Action project which is co-funded by the European Commission and focuses on how data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), alongside other data, can be used to promote home energy efficiency.


House of Energy


The House of Energy is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. This three-storey construction is a mixed residential and commercial project located in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, and the first building that has met the criteria for a Passive House Premium certification.