Building operation, monitoring, energy management

2016 ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Systems and Equipment

The 2016 ASHRAE Handbook - HVAC Systems and Equipment discusses various systems and the equipment (components or assemblies) they comprise, and describes features and differences. This information helps system designers and operators in selecting and using equipment. An accompanying CD-ROM contains all the volume's chapters in both I-P and SI units.


This edition includes revisions to the majority of chapters; among them, major updates related to thermal storage and district heating and cooling. Other updates that will likely impact many users include


The GREEN BUILDING EXPO is an international exhibition and conference on sustainable buildings. The event's third edition will take place on 2-4 November 2016 at the BELEXPOCENTAR HALL, in Belgrade, Serbia.


The 2016 edition of the event intents to move the spotlight not only to the regional market, but also to a part of Europe that due to international activities and investments in the field of sustainable building, is interested in all innovative trends and sustainability and energy efficiency technologies applicable to buildings.


Monitor Progress Towards Climate Targets in European Housing Stocks

This report sets energy performance indicators developed by EPISCOPE, enabling actors to ensure high quality energy refurbishments, compliance with regulation as well as to track and steer the refurbishment processes in a cost-efficient way and evaluate achieved energy savings. Recommendations include how to further improve data collection, design support measures and benchmark frontrunner concepts for nZEBs. The recommendations are highly relevant for the revision of the EPBD.


Buildings as energy-hubs for a strong energy system: 10 principles to benefit EU citizens

Buildings as energy-hubs can strengthen the energy system. 10 principles to deliver real benefits for Europe’s citizens


Buildings could play a major role in supporting the low carbon development of other sectors, says BPIE in its latest paper. 10 principles are making the case for buildings to be at the core of a decarbonised energy system, producing, storing and supplying energy, making the energy system more flexible, resilient and efficient.