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Dynastee newsletter 2014/4

The Dynastee network (DYNamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental performance of buildings) is an informal grouping of organisations actively involved in the application of tools and methodologies applied to this field.


This is the 4th newsletter.




A Guide to Implementing Energy Savings Opportunities

This guide, released by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, gives an overview of the steps businesses can take to maximise the impact of their Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) assessment. It is intended to help organisations make the most of energy efficiency opportunities identified through the ESOS or another energy audit. This guide is particularly intended for smaller ESOS participants, including those who may have less experience in implementing energy savings and/or may not employ a dedicated energy manager.

Energy efficiency plans needed for data centres in Europe

According to a report prepared by Green Grid -an organisation aiming to improve resource efficiency of data centres- out of 150 asked Information Technology (IT) organisations only 43% have plans to improve their energy efficiency despite the pressure they are facing. However, almost all organisations (97 per cent) felt they could improve their energy plan and have energy efficiency in their highest advancement priorities. 

Raising number of nZEBs | Experts' insight: DIRECTION project Bolzano

Silvia Demattè - How to raise the number of nZEBs in Europe? Experts provide their insights into probing questions


DIRECTION’s second replication workshop took place in September, organised by Eurac in Bolzano, Italy. This is one of three workshops organised as part of DIRECTION’s outreach aimed at maximising replicability potential as the project enters its final months.


Silvia Demattè (EnginSoft SpA) R&D Engineer

Innovative buildings receive ASHRAE Technology Awards

Five innovative buildings will receive ASHRAE Technology Awards at the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference, which will take place on 23-27 January 2016 in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. The awards recognise outstanding achievements by members who have successfully applied innovative building design incorporating ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and indoor air quality.


The five awarded buildings are the following:


Walgreens Net Zero Store