EPATEE (Evaluation Into Practice to Achieve Targets for Energy Efficiency) is a Horizon 2020 funded project which aims to give EU Member States tools and knowledge for a better evaluation of their own energy efficiency policies.   EPATEE will raise the capacity of policymakers and implementers for policy evaluation by providing them with tools and practical knowledge to make consistent impact evaluation an integral part of the policy cycle. It will support EU Member States in distinguishing effective from ineffective policies.  
Post date: 15 Aug 2017
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Growing interest in CITyFiED’s methodology for district-scale energy efficient retrofitting   A more confident approach to mass-market deployment and replicability of district-scale energy efficient retrofitting is gaining traction across Europe.   
Post date: 9 Aug 2017
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Making our homes greener and more energy efficient is crucial if Europe is to realise its environmental targets and ambitions. But securing financial fuel to retrofit existing properties is tough, with investors often wanting to inject their cash into projects that deliver relatively quick returns.   Just because your home was built in the 1950s or 60s doesn’t mean it can’t be green. Retrofitting – the process of modernising properties using the latest technologies – can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.  
Post date: 7 Aug 2017
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The EPB Center (energy performance of a building - EPB) is focused on the international harmonized set of EPB assessment methods and their implementation at national and regional levels. The Center is dedicated to provide stakeholders and interested parties with technical support for the implementation and dissemination of information on the set of EPB standards at national and regional level.   While providing this support the Center will also aim to assist with formulating needs in order to further develop and improve this set of EPB standards.  
Post date: 4 Aug 2017
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This guide will help you to start saving on your energy bills and to feel more comfortable at home without spending a single cent.   The guide has been released by the EU-funded FIESTA project and will provide European families with helpful advice on lowering their energy bill and their carbon footprint. Aimed at the general public, the document looks at general areas of household energy consumption, from heating and cooling to cooking, outlining simple ways to save money.  
Post date: 3 Aug 2017
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From producers to end-users.  
Post date: 1 Aug 2017
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As part of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), REMOURBAN’s Miguel García Fuentes (CARTIF) and Philip James (Nottingham City Homes) joined two discussion events in Brussels about smart cities.    
Post date: 26 Jul 2017
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During the EU Sustainable Energy Week, the EIP-SCC held a series of practical Action Cluster Meetings bundled into a one-day event entitled « Building a market for Smart Cities and Communities ».  The gathering was part of ongoing efforts to foster cross-sector collaboration to deliver a solid, viable market which is attractive to investors.  
Post date: 25 Jul 2017
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The conference is dedicated to all stakeholders interested in the area of the construction sector and circular economy. During the event, European experiences in the implementation of circular economy will be presented. The event will also be an occasion to find out more about the ECCA project and benefits for members of the European Circular Construction Alliance. The conference will be accompanied by the networking session.  
Post date: 24 Jul 2017
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Organised jointly by R20 MED, the R20 NGO's office for the Mediterranean region, École Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran Maurice-Audin ( ENPO-MA ) and École des Mines de Saint-Etienne ( EMSE ) 1st Seminar on the Promotion of Innovative Projects in Green Economy was held on 11 and 12 July 2017 at the Algerian School of Business (ESAA) in Algiers. It was sponsored by Ms Fatma-Zohra Zerouati, Minister of the Environment and Renewable Energies.  
Post date: 22 Jul 2017
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