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#DecarbHeat 2017: EHPA event on the decarbonisation of Europe’s heating and cooling sector

A decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system without a decarbonisation of the heating sector is impossible. Yet, efforts currently under way are too slow. Transforming the heating industry -from research and development to manufacturing, installation and maintenance- requires a gigantic effort by all stakeholders. Due to the distorted prices for energy, current market conditions are not suitable to trigger the necessary change.


Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018

Welcome to Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018, 12-15 March, in Kiruna, Sweden, the most northern Cold Climate Conference ever. This is an international scientific conference on key technologies and processes to achieve sustainable and optimal buildings and districts with a good indoor environmental quality and a minimum use of resources and energy!


The conference covers technical, economic and social aspects of buildings and HVAC systems in new and renovated buildings.


The conference program will include:

Accounting of renewable energy: An Italian Decree delays the obligation to cover 50% of energy needs

Il Decreto Legge n. 244 /2016 (noto come Milleproroghe), pubblicato sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 304 del 30 dicembre 2016 all’art. 12 comma 2, proroga al 1 gennaio 2018 l’entrata in vigore dell’obbligo di copertura con fonti rinnovabili di almeno il 50% della somma dei fabbisogni di acqua calda sanitaria, raffrescamento e riscaldamento negli edifici nuovi e sottoposti a ristrutturazione rilevante, obbligo contenuto nell’Allegato 3 del Dlgs 28/2011.



Per tutto il 2017 pertanto rimane l’obbligo di coprire con rinnovabili il 35% della somma dei fabbisogni.

#DecarbHeat 2017

The DecarbHeat initiative aims at bringing together the major players of the heating and cooling industry and other major stakeholders. Together they can make the vision of a 100% decarbonised European heating and cooling system a reality. The initiative consists of a the DecarbHeat Industry Pledge and the DecarbHeat Declaration of Support. Both will be formally open for signature at the #DecarbHeat 2017 Forum in Brussels on 11-12 May 2017.