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Key points concerning the design
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Décret n° 2009-649 du 9 juin 2009 relatif à l'entretien annuel des chaudières dont la puissance nominale est comprise entre 4 et 400 kilowatts Décret n° 2009-648 du 9 juin 2009 relatif au contrôle des chaudières dont la puissance nominale est supérieure à 400 kilowatts et inférieure à 20 mégawatts
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The main changes are: new buildings: the maximum allowed annual primary energy demand will be decreased by 30 % in average. The thermal requirements to the building envelope will be tightened by 15 % in average. existing buildings: in major renovations the thermal requirements for building envelope components are tightened by 30 % in average (facade, windows, roof). Alternatively the primary energy demand and the average transmission loss coefficient after the major renovation may not exceed the factor 1.4 compared to the requirements for new buildings.
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REHVA Journal - Volume 46 - Issue 3 - June 2009 - pages 24-28
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