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Renovation of a school from the 1950s to plus energy level

The Uhland school in Stuttgart was undergoing renovation to plus energy level during the last 2 years. Now, the construction work is completed and the pupils and teachers can move back into the main building of the school at the beginning of 2017. The building envelope was insulated with high-efficient expanded polystyrene (EPS). On top of the basement slab and at the gable walls vacuum insulation was used. The new windows are triple glazed. All classrooms were equipped with CO2-controlled decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery.

Sanierung einer 50-er Jahre Schule zu einer Plusenergieschule

Die Uhlandschule in Stuttgart wurde in den letzten 2 Jahren zu einer Plusenergieschule saniert. Jetzt sind die Bauarbeiten fertig und der Wiedereinzug der Schüler und Lehrer in das Hauptgebäude der Schule kann zu Beginn des Jahres 2017 stattfinden. Die Gebäudehülle wurde mit hocheffizientem expandierten Polystyrol (EPS) gedämmt. Auf der Bodenplatte und den beiden Giebelwänden kam Vakuumdämmung zum Einsatz. Die neuen Fenster sind dreifachverglast. Alle Klassenzimmer sind mit dezentralen CO2-gesteuerten Lüftungsanlagen mit Wärmerückgewinnung ausgestattet.

Webinar | Think big - Design rules and monitoring results of solar district heating systems


Solar district heating (SDH) is becoming one of the most promising fields for solar heat application, primarily thanks to a strong commitment and effective development policies in central and northern European countries. And the technology’s low specific investment cost achievable by economies of scale will further boost opportunities for growth.


Renewables: the largest source of installed power capacity in the world in 2015 - New IEA report


On 25 October 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that it was significantly increasing its five-year growth forecast for renewables thanks to strong policy support in key countries and sharp cost reductions. Renewables have surpassed coal last year to become the largest source of installed power capacity in the world.


CommONEnergy & Modena Canaletto: the transformation of a shopping centre into lighthouse project of energy efficiency

This supermarket which has approximately 1,200 m2 dedicated to the sales area is located in a residential zone close to the centre of Modena. The building underwent renovation during the summer 2016 before reopening in September. Around 50 workers were onsite per day during the 14 weeks the works lasted. The total requalification cost (supermarket and gallery) was 2.5 M €.