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Eurovent Air Curtains Guidebook

This guidebook, released by Eurovent, provides key information on how to rightly select, install and maintain air curtains and also identifies the various air curtain technologies available on the market as well as their application and key benefits. The document covers all air curtain application areas: commercial / comfort, industrial, cold storage, specialist applications. The document acts as a toolbox intended for consultants, specifiers, engineers, legislators and everyone else dealing with air curtain technologies.


EUROVENT Summit 2016

The 2016 EUROVENT Summit will gather industry in the areas of Indoor Climate, Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. More than 300 manufacturers, industry associations, engineering societies, laboratories and political decision-makers will be participating in around 40 meetings, seminars and events. This year’s Summit puts a special emphasis on the Polish market and its industry.


Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB-16)

International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2016 (SEB-16)


The Eighth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB-16) will bring together researchers, government and industry professionals to discuss the future of energy in buildings, neighbourhoods and cities from a theoretical, practical, implementation and simulation perspective.


BINE info paper: "Energy-plus concept tested on housing estate"

This four-page BINE information paper presents the results of the intensive monitoring and operational optimisation of the Ludmilla residential estate in Landshut, Germany, an energy-plus residential area, of 7,300 square meters, consisting of five single-family homes, two semi-detached houses, six terraced houses and eight apartment buildings with 55 apartments.