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EHPA European Heat Pump Forum

Innovative heating and cooling solutions for a sustainable energy transition in Europe


The 9th edition of EHPA’s annual Forum will take place in Paris, France.


In 2016, the first European Heating and Cooling Strategy will be adopted and considerable pieces of EU legislation (EPBD, Energy Efficiency Directive, Ecodesign, Energy Label) will be revised. Therefore, this forum will be a perfect occasion to discuss successful European and national climate and energy policies and how they benefit from and affect heat pumps. 


Strategies for mitigating the risk of overheating in current and future climate scenarios

Designing domestic buildings to perform well in terms of energy efficiency and comfort in both winter and summer, is important. During the summer well-insulated buildings are at risk of overheating (if not effectively shaded and ventilated), with this risk likely to increase with the effects of climate change. This article bring insights into the necessary measures to control overheating, by modelling different Passivhaus standard buildings over a range of future climate scenarios.


Key results of the study include:


ICEERB 2016 | Healthy Housing

The 7th International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings (ICEERB) will focus on Healthy Housing. The conference's programme facilitate research exchange between academics and support and facilitate dialogue with industry (housing providers) and government (housing regulators).


Conference themes include:


Sustainable design and construction: