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Horizon 2020: 50 new Energy Efficiency projects funded

As part of Horizon 2020's energy challenge for secure, clean and efficient energy for Europe, the European Union has funded 50 new projects under the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Call 2015. These projects were selected from a total of 478 evaluated proposals and confirm that Horizon 2020 responds to the needs of all energy actors, acting as a driver towards a more sustainable energy future. 


12th IEA Heat Pump Conference

The 12th Heat Pump Conference, organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA), will share the latest developments and prospects in technology, applications and markets with applied professionals. The goal of the conference goes beyond the traditional topics of energy efficiency, renewables and environment, focusing on the main solutions and choices that have to be made not only on economics, but on the expectations on future energy situations where energy infrastructure is becoming more and more independent from insecure suppliers.

Central workshop and administrative building (ZWuV) - Frankfurt

The Central workshop and administrative building (ZWuV) is a new office building used by the Department for Road Construction and Development, the Department for Parks and the Head of Energy Policy of the City of Frankfurt.  The building demonstrates the potential of sustainable building design, with an architectural style that is not only elegant but also intelligent. The result is a 90 percent reduced heating demand and perceptibly increased comfort due to high indoor air quality.


Household DC networks: State of the art and future prospects

This study investigates the potential benefits and feasibility of household direct current (DC) networks. Unlike the case of alternating current (AC) systems, a well-established set of standards for household DC networks is currently lacking. However, several recommended standards and configurations have been discussed in previous studies. This work reviews some of the most promising suggestions and further analyses those that are most suitable to be implemented.