Grundschule and Gymnasium Reutershagen: Plus-energy school retrofit

The Reutershagen schools; Europaschule Gymnasium Reutershagen secondary school and the Grundschule Reutershagen Nordwindkinner primary school have been grouped together in one educational center. The pupils are now taught in one centrally located building rather than attending two different school sites in the Rostock suburb of Reutershagen. This school is comprised of a new build as well as a refurbished (in terms of plus-energy efficiency) existing building.

Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate Basic Book

This book, released by VELUX, gives specific advice and concrete documentation on the effects and benefits of VELUX products in buildings. When creating new buildings – as well as renovating existing ones – the specific solutions need to be considered in a holistic perspective , with usage, personal needs, function, location, orientation, building geometry and window configuration playing very important roles.


The book is divided into six chapters. Contents include:


1 Daylight

House of Energy: first Passive House with Premium Class certification

House Of Energy: world’s first building with Passive House Premium certification opens a new opportunity beyond green construction

The House of Energy is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. This three-storey Multi-Purpose Building (mixed residential and commercial) includes offices for several companies, an apartment, a seminar room and a permanent exhibition on the topic of “Construction and Refurbishment”. Built as a solid wall construction, the façade design has the appearance of a barcode.

Valuing Energy Efficiency: New case study series highlights the benefits of energy efficient retrofits

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) has released a series of case studies, which examines the financial outlay and impact of energy efficient retrofits on a range of building types across the U.S.A, dispelling the misconception that building owners need a huge budget or a large floorplan to reap the benefits of energy efficiency.