Smart Cities – Exhibition and Conference for South - East Europe

Smart Cities is the only specialized event for intelligent cities in Bulgaria in a format ‘exhibition – conference’. It aims to promote modern technologies and good practices that can transform our cities into more environmentally friendly and efficient systems.


The event is a meeting point for solution providers and their customers. Participation in the parallel conference is a great opportunity to obtain information about trends, legislation and perspectives.



Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Case for a Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency

“Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: The Case for a Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency”, released by the Alliance to Save Energy, is the “Systems Efficiency Initiative (SEI) Year 1 Report”. The report characterises the potential benefits of a building systems approach and prioritises areas for further technical and policy research.


Better spaces for learning

This report, published by UK’s Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), highlights the vital importance of school design and how it affects the general health and wellbeing of their users, the children and their teachers; it also demonstrates how good design can help ensure that capital funding stretches as far as possible. The document is the result of the largest analysis of Post Occupancy Evaluations of primary and secondary schools in the UK, a nation-wide poll of teachers and numerous conversations with stakeholders involved in delivering government-funded school buildings.

Impact of the indoor environment on learning in schools in Europe

This paper, released by the Fraunhofer, Institut für Bauphysik – IBP, reveals that many schools across Europe do not provide an adequate indoor environment for their students; they fail to provide a sufficient outdoor air supply rate and are too warm in the summer months. The findings of the study report excessive levels of CO2, above the recommended range of 1,000 – 2,000 ppm, together with inadequate levels of daylight.