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1st Conference Passive House Spain

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Array The first Conference about Passive Houses in Spain will take place 30th October 2009 in Barcelona. It is organised by “La PLATAFORMA DE EDIFCAÍON PASSIVHAUS”, PEP (Passive House Platform, PEP) and dedicated to the presentation of this concept of high efficient buildings in Spain.
European experts in research and application of this standard will participate and present recent results and projects.

Energy efficiency and efficient use of resources are main goals of the Passive house standard.
Since 1991, when the first passive houses were build, all over Europe people worked on improvements  of the components of this standard. This standard obtains very low demand of energy and a high thermal standard at the same time. Applying these techniques you can achieve significant reduction of energy demand in heating and cooling of the buildings up to 75 % - 90 % compared with the valid and the former building standards in Spain.

As introduction in the conference examples of existing Passive houses in Central Europe, Germany and Austria, are presented as well as examples in mediterranean climates like Italy and France. In addition there will be presented first examples of passive houses in Spain.

The 1st conference Passive house Europe will take place 30th of october 2009 in the “Colegio de Arquitectos de Catalunya” in Barcelona.
The conference main sponsors are ISOVER, BASF and STO.

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