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20th Anniversary of the ACE

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The ACE was founded in Treviso in 1990, which means that 2010 is the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the ACE. During that period the ACE has made of significant achievements and established herself as an essential interlocutor for EU policy and legislation that affects the quality of the built environment. In order to mark this occasion, the ACE has, thanks to the generous sponsorship and support of several companies and associations, organised a series of events in the week commencing 29th of November 2010 which will allow the ACE, its delegates and other partners in the construction sector to celebrate this occasion. The ACE has arranged for the undertaking of the 2010 Sector Study of the profession so that its results can be delivered on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary. As a particular highlight of the events, there will be a special holding of the General Assembly of the ACE in the premises of the European Parliament. The programme for that day (3rd December) is in development but it has been structured as a high level Conference which will be addressed by a number of prominent personalities and experts. The themes of the day will address European level policy and legislation and will be the platform through which the results of the Sector Study 2010 will be presented for the first time. Participation in the various events will be by invitation only and invitations will be issued during the course of September 2010. Should you wish to be invited you may request an invitation by writing to the Secretariat of the ACE at
Architects' Council of Europe (ACE)
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