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BUILD UP Web Seminar | Indoor air quality and thermal comfort: Conserving energy, maintaining health

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UPDATE 23/12/2013
The video recordings of this BUILD UP Web Seminar are available here.


Looked at as a group, buildings form one of the largest consumers of energy in the world.


Environmental concerns indicate that a reduction in the energy consumption of buildings is urgently needed. However, in this push for change the importance of indoor environmental quality, particularly thermal comfort and indoor air quality, must not be forgotten.


In this BUILD UP Web Seminar, you will learn about:

1) the significance of indoor air quality in terms of its impact on health and productivity, and associated costs;

2) the inseparable connection between indoor air quality and building energy demands, including examples of efficient technologies for maintaining good indoor air quality;

3) the need for an approach to building research, design, and operation that recognises this connection.



European framework and Member State practice

  • Prof. Olli Seppanen
    Indoor air quality and energy efficiency
    Recent developments in the EU and in the Member States
  • Bjarne Olesen, DTU
    Thermal comfort and indoor air quality – recent challenges

Indoor environment and health

  • Pawel Wargocki, DTU
    Health based ventilation guidelines for Europe
  • Atze Boerstra, BBA Binnenmilieu BV
    Indoor climate in schools

Good practices and state of the art technologies

  • Peter Dyment, CAMFIL
    Air cleaning and indoor air quality
  • John Woollett, SWEGON
    Demand controlled ventilation systems


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