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Building Simulation (BS2013) International Conference

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Welcome to the 13th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association.

Conference Themes
Papers in the following areas are welcome:

- How can simulation influence the design process
- The limitations of simulation in practice, and how can these be addressed
- Case studies of the use of simulation in practice, and the lessons learned
- Interoperability and co-simulation
- Simulation validation, calibration and testing
- Comparing simulation and real world outcomes
- Simulation to support commissioning, controls and monitoring
- Applications of simulation in regulatory processes
- Advances in building physics
- Human aspects of indoor environment: comfort and behavior
- Building services
- Solar building simulation
- Energy capture and operation
- New work in simulation development
- Building as an energy node
INES (CEA, university of Savoie, CNRS and CSTB) and INSA Lyon
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