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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS| RESTORE Training School and Conference - JUMP 2030 - “The Good Urban Life”

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Copyright, Google Maps, 2020

Copyright, Google Maps, 2020

JUMP 2030 - “The Good Urban Life”

A Holistic Vision for the Brigittaplatz/Hannovermarkt in the 20th district of Vienna

COST RESTORE CA16114 Training School and Conference

REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy. The RESTORE Action affects a paradigm shift towards restorative sustainability for new and existing buildings across Europe, promoting forward thinking and multidisciplinary knowledge, leading to solutions that celebrate the richness of design creativity while enhancing users’ experience, comfort, health, wellbeing and satisfaction inside and outside buildings, and in harmony with urban and natural ecosystems, reconnecting users to nature.




Vienna, 10th time in a row elected as most livable city in the world and European ‘capital’ of social housing seems to have all the ingredients of a successful urban environment. Despite these recognitions, the city is in a continuous struggle for general livability, affordable housing and acceptable implementations of smart technologies. These approaches are carried out in the background of sensational news, relaying on bold decisions, political facilitation and holistic planning. Broad ranging fields that define our urban environments and also this Viennese training school (TS) in September: ‘Jump 2030 – The Good Urban Life’.


Aim of TS


The aim of the TS is the implementation of a holistic vision, a system thinking approach upon an existing Viennese quarter by using regenerative sustainable design principles. The challenge is to find a strategy that considers so called ‘Jumps’ which range from the district level to the in-between gaps. Interdisciplinary group work and a strong relation to the sociocultural spirit of the district in general frame the TS topic of JUMP 2030 – ‘The Good Urban Life’.


Jump 2030. Key Dates


  • 17th July 2020 - Invitation launched
  • 10th August 2020 - Applications submission Deadline
  • 20th August 2020 - Confirmation to the selected Trainees
  • 07th September 2020 - Deadline for e-Cost registration and confirmation
  • 9th September 2020 - Communication of Teams/Distribution of preparatory material
  • 21st-25th September 2020 - From Monday 9.00 to Friday 16.00

International Trainers


Jelena Brajkovic (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture)

Viktor Bukovszki (ABUD, Budapest)

Emanuele Naboni (The Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture, Denmark)


Local Trainers


David Calas (Studio Calas/GUC)

Anna-Vera Deinhammer (Department of Strategic Planning)

Marcello Turrini (Turrini ZT)




Carlo Battisti (EURAC Research, Living Community Challenge)

Martin Brown (Fairsnape, Sustainability Provocateur) 

Anna-Vera Deinhammer (Department of Strategic Planning, City of Vienna)

Julia Girardi-Hoog (smarter together, City of Vienna)

Roman Grünner (Deep Demonstration Vienna-Climate KIC)

Kurt Hofstetter (IBA Vienna) [tbc]

Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska (Gdansk University of Technology )

Christian Knapp (KLK Office)

Roland Krebs (superwien, Placemaking Europe)

Bernadette Luger (Urban Innovation Vienna)

Haris Piplas (ETH Zürich, Drees & Sommer)

David Tudiwer (Executive Office for Building Affairs and Technology, City of Vienna)


All interested candidates, please read the instructions here of how to participate.

Contact Name:
Dorin Beu
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