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Digital Tools Conference - Digitalise or die: New tools for the construction sector

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Nobatek/INEF4, a French RTO involved in H2020 projects, is organizing a 1 day conference in Bordeaux on the 23rd of October, called DIGITAL TOOLS Conference - Digitalise or die: New tools for the construction sector. European experts on BIM and digitalization of the construction sector will speak about the opportunities, challenges and barriers of the digital transformation of the construction sector. The topics addressed will be both technical and research-oriented and above all market-oriented.


The conference will also be the opportunity to present the experience and technologies involved in two H2020 projects led by Nobatek/INEF4:

  • Built2Spec: a digital toolbox to perform self-inspection and quality checking on construction sites;
  • BIM4Ren: a starting project which goal is to adapt existing BIM tools and to create new ones for the design phase of renovation projects; the main challenge that will be tackled is the elaboration of a digital model of an existing building.

After the conference, a social event will take place and all attendees are invited on a cruise on the Garonne river. For more information and the complete agenda, visit the website.


The event is free but the registration is mandatory filling the following form:


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