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eceee policy seminar: Sustainability or Competitiveness? - Energy efficiency can bring us both

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Competiveness is the buzzword in Brussels and national capitals around Europe. However, the EU debate often wrongly focuses on high energy prices rather than looking at strategies for getting the energy costs down. Energy efficiency and associated demand reductions are the most powerful and quickest way to cut the energy costs of European businesses, and, thereby boosting their competitiveness. Even so, competitiveness and sustainability are often presented as if in contradiction, and incompatible with one another. In eceee’s view, this is a misconception. By focusing policies on powerful energy efficiency measures, our energy consumption can be brought down, and continue to show a strong economic performance and growth in jobs. The seminar aims at highlighting the links between energy efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness and stable employment. The EU’s current discussion to establish a 2030 framework for climate and energy policy is an important factor in any discussion looking into improving competitiveness and sustainability. The seminar will cover important policy aspects while providing insights into some of the complex technical and methodological issues involved in this discussion. Read more

European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISI, Germany
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